Lose Body Fat, Tone Up and Get in the Best Shape of your Life with Small Group Personal Training at a fraction of the cost of Private Training.

Everyone knows that working with a Personal Trainer gets results. Even the world’s greatest, most motivated athletes use a whole team of Trainers. So if they can see the value in a coach, imagine how much more the average fitness enthusiast can benefit from someone overseeing their program ensuring it is safe, effective, efficient and most importantly, providing you the accountability and the kick-in-the butt you need to see great results. But not everyone can afford the services of a trainer. So I’ve listened to my clients and created a number of Small Group Training programs to allow you to work with me at a fraction of the cost by sharing the rate with others. Get ready for your Life to Change!
Green group focused poses
Small Group Training allows you to work with a nationally certified Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost of Private Training because you are splitting the costs between other people.
Plus working out in a group is a ton of fun, introduces you to others with the same goals and fosters the development of friendships which can help adherence and results.
Various programs and time slots are available throughout the week. Click the button below to take a check out the available Group Training schedule and get signed up.

Small Group Training Sessions

Pre assessment test with post assessment tests every 2 months
45min x 3 = $300/week
45min x 12 = $420/month
Click the button below to complete a comprehensive fillable online questionnaire to provide me with the information I need to design a personalized program that is a perfect fit for you. Please be as thorough as possible in all your answers. Complete it at least 2 days prior to your first scheduled session.

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