Why Squat? hot

Here’s Why Squat?:

  • Woman SquttingSquats strengthen your largest, longest, most powerful muscles – glutes, sartorius and soleus.
  • Squats strengthen your posterior chain muscles – hamstrings, glutes, lower back, calves, etc.
  • Squats strengthen your posterior chain through the longest range of motion (half your length).
  • Squats require you to balance the weight which works your abs, obliques, shoulders, arms, etc.
  • Squats work your whole body as one piece (NOT in isolation) like you move outside the gym.
  • Squats stress your body with the heaviest weights – the more you lift, the stronger you are.
  • No exercise or machine is as effective as the Squat for getting stronger.

– The Leg Press is inferior because you don’t have to balance the weight.

– The leg extension is inferior because it only works your quads, with light weights.

– Deadlift is inferior because the range of motion is smaller.

Squats are King, PERIOD.


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